October 19, 2008

My Name

This is my name. Now quiet. This is. This is. Quiet now. Quiet now. Quiet now. My name is yours. I give you my name. My name is under my toenail. It is between my teeth. My name is mother-woman and I am larger than my name. My name is power. It is all the power of the unseen. It is all the power of void. My name is Isis. No. Inanna. No. Gwan Yin. No. Patricia. No. Julia. No. My name is unspeakable. Can you hear it above the cough, the bark, the water flow? My name is nothing and I am so much more than empty. I am more than missing. I am larger than black hole. My name is not yet and I am still waiting in the fluid sac. My name is missing. Who took it? Who took my name?

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