April 06, 2009


Landmark is a small college in Putney, Vermont.
The men and women who study there
compare it to a beacon – a sign of land,
after years in a baffling academic sea.
Pedestrian learners aren’t admitted here.

Students bear the badges of ADD/HD,
Aspergers-Syndrome, Nonverbal Learning
Difference and Dyslexia. It’s unfortunate
we commoners can’t share this campus.
We’d likely discover startling things
about learning, the world, and ourselves.

Some travelers view lighthouses as quaint attractions.
My friend collects miniatures, Currituck Beach,
Bloody point, Bodie Island Light, conical replicas of
the seafarer’s solace. Putney is an inland village, but the
Landmark campus draws international travelers, who know,
just as their ancestors once lost at sea knew, they will
find their own way, if given a light to follow ashore.

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