April 23, 2009

A Work of Art

A woman’s body is the rent payment. It is a map of the earth.
A woman’s body can be divided into parts which can then

be used in order to name a type of man, as in, a tit man,
a leg man, as opposed to just an ass, man. Commercially,

a woman’s body looks very much like that of a very tall, very thin,
adolescent boy, with tits and no penis. (It would appear).

A woman’s body is found murdered in the undergrowth.
A woman’s body is available on Craig’s List, tattooed scarred,

stolen, unacceptable. Not her, she’s a child, not a woman yet, pal.
A woman’s body is more than you can handle. Is that why you take her

in sections? She is the tunnel from which you emerged. The soft
mountain of your infancy. This is your mother we’re talking about here.

A woman’s body is a place of art, a form of forms, asymmetrical wonder.
Sexually perfect, she belongs to herself like the earth belongs to the earth.

And speaking of the planet on which you stand, that body was fashioned by
the same great Mother who made the work of art that a woman’s body is.

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