April 26, 2012

Ten Suggestions

The Goddess came to me and suggested that I write these TEN SUGGESTIONS down. (That's her yelling not me.)

1. I’m your mother; all of life passes through my vulva. Worship whoever you’d like; I’m still your mother.

2. I like sculptures of anything; stars, earthly animals, Poseidon himself. Life is art; imitate it.

3. Call me anytime.

4. Nothing is holier than today.

5. Your parents are exhausted.

6. Death is inevitable but not permanent.

7. Sex is a sacred private gift.

8. Give things away.

9. You know what's true. 

10. You are my favorite.


Guy Duperreault said...

JJ, this brought to my being and face a smile. Not a silly clowning or jokey smile, nor a shining white toothy smile. But a smile that seemed to arise from the nowhere of my intestines and be in the moment of my bilious spleen.

janjoplin said...

Thank you. That is a very deep smile and I appreciate your taking the time to read this...BTW you recently asked me about "Sloth" not being on the blog anymore. Yes? Well that poem was picked up in the first issue of Barefoot. I will grab the link and post it for you. Or, was it not you? Or, was it a different poem?

Guy Duperreault said...

JJ, re. Sloth. Yes that was me. I wanted to share it with someone, and was going to link them back to your blog. That would be great to link it through your blog. Seriously, sloth is in my list of top 20 or so of my all time favourite poems. I have it posted on my wall in my office, and foist it on anyone who seems even slightly interested in poetry.

janjoplin said...

Here is a link to the poem Sloth on the Barefoot Review. Thanks again for reading my posts and supporting my work. It means so very much to me!
Best Affection,


Guy Duperreault said...

Thank you and you are more than welcome. Your unique voice appeals to the nature of my nature!

reba said...

Lovely...inspiring...maybe I will write: tomorrow...lol...Rebecca