February 25, 2009

February Gerund

Still time traveling
the frozen sunlight
casting a dusty column
on the morning rug
seven below circling the air
nothing exists
animated space disappearing

February 20, 2009


We remembered passion is good fruit,
not sleep with innocence snake.


the doing of undoing
give being history

Unpick. Duende.

There’s a hole in my underwear, Eve, old girl,
the garden was our lovemaking.

I didn’t care apples. You were thirsty.

I gave you fruit, would have given anything,
just kiss. All hell broke loose.

You disappeared. Love was impossible, dreamt, illegal.
Walls flew up. Buildings appeared.

Eden was eons ago. Galaxies apart.
Dreamt before it happened.

Still, under that tree lips yield to ripe desire

and hissing.

February 11, 2009

Incantation for Candlemas

O light, your weightless streams reflex through prisms.
Come light, mix with your daughters, water and earth,

reach into the mouth of the soil & pull up the flaxen hair of spring.
Sweet light, recommence! Shine upon your dark sister.

Wake the sleeping seeds of blossoms! Move stones to trees of fruit!
The earth wants moisture. Make yourself a cloak of rain!

That dark girl awaits her playmate - come light; make merry with the night!
Fleet-footed morning bringer, levitate spring, for all living things!

Seep through the numbing wind, we ask your nimble spirit in.
Fiery Light, blaze the furnace of the sun, forge the blade of spring.

Surround our heads: a nimbus. Enter our minds to enlighten us.
Stream our veins. Elevate our spirits! Be with us.

Oh radiant one. Light! Come!

February 03, 2009


You were a confused
handful of soil with
tenacious worms.

You needed opposition
and the river rose
with the gift of thorn.

You wanted gravity like a rock
and the wind answered,
sweeping all around you away.

Your life depended on death.
You tortured yourself
with flowers.


After an artifact of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum Before we left Oswiecim, went to work elsewhere for the devil, and we left you to ...