March 15, 2012

Who Are You?

1.         I am the funny one, though dark humored: lover of bittersweet chocolate and salty chips. I am the mother: the one who’ll sooth your tears.
2.         I am the neighbor who grows roses and will poison your dog. I am the one yammering on her cell at the bus stop. I am the girl with clicking heels echoing in the long hallway. I am the liar and the cheat; the one who left you alone.
3.         I am the lonely one. You don’t understand. I will not join your meditation group or walk to town with you. I am the one with bad shoes who will loudly clear her throat in beloved silences.
4.         I am the rose. I am the high winds on the island. I am the morning light that beckons the birds to awaken you with their song. I am the rocky coast welcoming the salt of tide. I am the fish, the mite, the swan.
5.         I am the darkness and the sand in your food. I am the stillness inside a lost memory. I am the thing that grips your beating heart and sucks away your breath. I am your heart’s desire.


After an artifact of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum Before we left Oswiecim, went to work elsewhere for the devil, and we left you to ...